With a heavy heart I have decided to hang up my Thermomix Consultant Apron for a while. We have some great new consultants in the area now, which leaves me to re-adjust my priorities.
My original goal was to introduce families in NE Vic to Thermomix and offer a easier way to provide good, wholesome and nutritious food and give the kids a really good start to life. Now with more consultants in the area and the word is spreading like wild fire, I feel comfortable knowing that we're in good hands.
Thermomix has offered me an amazing journey and has opened up a whole new world to me and the adventure of "real" food!! To anyone interested in becoming a consultant, I would highly recommend it.
I'm happy to still be contacted for any queries or can point you in the right direction to some other wonderful consultants.
Happy Thermomixing and thank you so very much for your support and encouragement!
Joelene xoxo

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spicy Chicken & Sweet Potato

Somehow, I manage to find recipes to feed a crowd... must be in my genes from the days that Nan fed the 8 in her family, foster kids and farm hands... You can only imagine how much easier life would have been with a Thermomix!!

Is anyone else always over catering??

This is a tried and true Donna Hay recipe that I used to cook up in the oven.  After the first time I had converted this to the Thermomix I was suprised how fresh the flavours were but had taken it for granted UNTIL... recently trying to save time I thought I'd bake this in the oven again while I had the rice and veggies steaming in the TMX. How wrong I was! Not only did it take much longer in the oven to cook through, the flavour was destroyed. How disappointing. So from here on it, it's a TMX only recipe for me. Given the large quantity too, it freezes really well for those nights you just don't want to cook.  Hope you enjoy it too...

Spicy Chicken & Sweet Potato

Feeds about 6

1.2kg chicken thighs (I used de-boned and skinless)
1 tbs olive oil
1/4 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
500g sweet potato, peeled and chopped (if medium into 8 pieces)
1/2 tablespoon veggie stock concentrate
1/2 cup water
1x 400g can of crushed tomatoes

1/ Mix olive oil, chilli flakes, sweet paprika, cumin and coriander together.
2/ Toss chicken in oil mixture to coat.
3/ Layer chicken and sweet potato in Varoma, leaving enough space in the base for steam to move through the Varoma.
4/ In the bowl add the veggie stock concentrate, water and crushed tomatoes.
5/ Cook for 45 minutes, speed 1 at Varoma Temp.
6/ When cooked place chicken and sweet potato in Thermo server and pour over the tomato sauce.
Serve with TM Steamed Rice and Vegies.

This recipe could easily be stretched to feed a few more mouths and more chicken could be placed in the Varoma.


  1. That is one of my favourite ways to cook - the meat/veg in the steamer and sacue bubbling awat below. Great stuff

    1. This is actually not a Donna Hay Recipe. It is my own recipe I developed and it is in exactly my words as on recipe community. Please amend as this is really not correct.

  2. Hi Cathy, this very much is my own recipe. This was published here and on thermomix. Com by myself (after converting this myself) before the recipe community was developed.
    I can guarantee that I certainly converted this myself.
    I would question then if the wording is exactly the same where you gained your material from.